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Date: 05/05/04-04:46:03 AM Z
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> I was buying some paper for watercolor (not alt-process,
> unfortunately) at the Utrecht store here in Chicago and the
> salesperson commented on my choice of Fabriano.  He said that he
> wasn't sure what it was that made it that way but that it took color
> better than any paper that he had ever used including Arches.  Haven't
> had a chance to use the sheets yet (not doing any big paintings right
> now...but hey, summer's here!) and am looking forward to finding out
> if he was right.
> Perhaps it's sized differently than the others?

Well, there are a lot of different Fabriano papers. Fabriano Uno for
sure was sized differently than other watercolor papers, and I suspect
that's why I dislike it so much. I would guess a starch-like substance,
because it feels to me a lot like Arches Platine, and it's my
understanding that Platine is sized with starch. The Daniel Smith person
said that the new artistico extra-white is sized differently from the
previous Uno, for whatever that's worth. I don't know if she meant sized
with a different substance, or just sized more heavily.
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