Re: using powdered pigments in gum

From: Dave Rose ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/04/04-05:43:04 PM Z
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I've been using Varn gum with powdered pigments for many years. In my
experience, it does not go bad or spoil. I've never added extra
preservative, because there's never been a need to. If you mix a stock
solution of pigment/gum, stir it up thoroughly before use, as the pigment
will settle in the bottom of the container. I usually prepare 200 ml
bottles with stock solutions, e.g. 1g Winsor Newton Winsor Blue/130 ml Varn

Best regards,
Dave in Wyoming

> Dear list,
> I'm looking for advice. A couple months ago I made up several batches of
> gum-pigment for gum printing. I used the same VARN gum I have been using
> the last year. The pigments are old stock I have had for 40 years but
> used for a large batch to use over an extended time before. I should
> that the pigment was stored in a drafty shed for many years and the
> cardboard canisters had failed allowing some organic material like leaf
> fragments to fall into the powders. As a result I had to sift out some
> objects. Within a week the solutions I made went sour. Because I ground
> mix into such a thick, pigment-rich, consistency (more like tube color) I
> can dilute it with the addition of more gum at printing time and it works
> fine. But, now I want to make some new batches thin enough to use as a
> straight printing mix. Would this spoilage be possible with fresh
> Do those of you who make up gum-pigment solutions add any extra
> preservative. I have some thymol that I used in a gum solution that I made
> from dry gum. Should I put some of the thymol in the VARN gum next time?
> other thought or suggestions would be appreciated.
> Jack Brubaker
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