Re: using powdered pigments in gum

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Date: 05/04/04-03:25:35 PM Z
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Thanks Katharine,

I assume that when using tube color there is a preservative in the
formulation of the product so that is adding to the preservative in the
commercial gum.


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> Date: Tue, 04 May 2004 12:26:24 +0000
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> Subject: Re: using powdered pigments in gum
> Katharine Thayer wrote:
>> Jack Brubaker wrote:
>>> Dear list,
>>> Do those of you who make up gum-pigment solutions add any extra
>>> preservative. I have some thymol that I used in a gum solution that I made
>>> from dry gum. Should I put some of the thymol in the VARN gum next time? Any
>>> other thought or suggestions would be appreciated.
>> Hi Jack,
>> Dave or Keith can speak more to the VARN gum specifically, but I'll
>> just say more generally that the gums I've used don't seem to go bad
>> when mixed with color and kept a long time, and I don't use an extra
>> preservative for this. I have some seldom-used mixes that have been
>> sitting around for years that look and print like brand new whenever I
>> want to use them. Perhaps there was something in the stuff that got into
>> the pigment that acidified the gum too much? Just a thought,
> And of course, ignoring your precise subject line, I was talking about
> tube pigments rather than powdered pigments. Sorry about that,
> kt
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