Bergger versus Forte-added thoughts

From: Gregory W Blank ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/04/04-05:17:14 AM Z
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Upon scanning the two seperate makers film the images
are very very close in terms of grain structure and contrast.

Visually looking at the film side by side Bergger has more stain, and
perhaps a little more density. It could be the result of more silver or
emulsion chemistry,....or just a thicker batch. I processed them in the same
soup and the same tank together.

Forte packaging says made in Hungry by Forte Photochemical Co Ltd.
Bergger says made in E.U.

If both are made in at one plant the packaging is purposefully misleading.

The Forte film also exhibits in scanning more artifacts ( what appears as
white dust or scratches in the emulsion)

My feeling is that the films are somehow the same,.....but its very hard to
prove conclusively. A mystery of sorts.
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