Re: Bergger Versus Forte/ PMK testing.

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/03/04-06:40:19 PM Z
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Sounds like a scanner issue to me. Have you experienced the same
problem with scanners other than the 2450?


>I should clarify to what I referred.
>Just about every roll of B&W and color negative film I have ever scanned
>exhibits this to some degree, however Forte roll films especially those
>developed in PMK make it apparently worse. Something like white dust,
>artifacts? Scanner is a 2450. The surface imperfections in traditional
>printing methods never show up.
>on 5/3/04 6:40 PM, Sandy King at wrote:
>> Gregory,
>> From my discussions of various films on other forums I think this is
>> a quality control issue. Quality control may also be an issue with
>> the films made in Croatia, such as Efke PL 25 and PL 100, but Efke PL
>> 100 is otherwise just an outstanding film for alternative printing.
>> As for the specific surface imperfections you describe, I don't
>> believe I have hear them mentioned before.
>> Sandy
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