Bergger Versus Forte/ PMK testing.

From: Gregory W Blank ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/02/04-09:40:00 PM Z
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    I can not remember whether it was in this forum that
the question of whether these 200 speed films are the
same was ask. Never the less I have done a side by side
comparision, by my intial test it appears they are not.

   I shot both 120 rolls under identical conditions, controlled
ambient daylight, metering from a centrally positioned
grey card. Both films were processed using the Bergger suggested
PMK time of 12 minutes, I processed both rolls in the same tank
using 500ml of solution, dilution was 1+2+100 at 68F. I did add a pinch of
amidol to increase the overall speed for both films.

  The end result, appears that Bergger produced both a denser
and more highly stained roll of negatives. The difference is what I estimate
to be approximately 20 %....for both stain and density.

 Perhaps as was stated by someone else the film is made at the same plant
using Bergger's specification. The paper backing is the same, the film base
appears the same,spools and paper tape the same.

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