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From: Greg Schmitz ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/01/04-04:43:55 AM Z
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Best baseboards are, IMHO, made of cross-ply laminates - the laminate
has an effect on both flatness (better than single ply or particle)
and vibration dampening. Just took a look at the baseboard on my Leitz
Reprovitz copystand (to the left of my keyboard) - it's aprox. 1"
thick 3 ply laminate (made in 1955). I've toyed with the idea of
making a soapstone baseboard (using an old lab counter top) but some
optics folks have advised me that I'm better off with a laminate;
mainly because of vibration issues. Hope this helps some.

--greg schmitz

On Sat, 1 May 2004, Bill William wrote:

> Hello Everyone.
> I was wondering if there is anything special about the
> baseboards for enlargers and copy stands...
> I need to get a new one and I noticed they seemed to be
> something other than ordiary plywood (?)... I don't know
> what they would be called but they seem to be fiberous or
> spongy... Is there anything wrong with just using any
> thickish piece of wood?
> Is their an optimal wood or wood of choice?
> In the dark,
> Ray
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