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It's an open-air process. I don't have a solution short of creating a
dust-free environment--which would cost more than all my former wives
and children! --you know?

We develop in tanks using Pyro (or Rollo Pyro, or PMK, or ABC. . .
whatever fits). We dry the film in home-made tents made from plastic
garment bags with low-power hair driers and layered micro filters.
(You want the truth, right?) And it's a random result in terms of
dust. Some sets of film are relatively clean and clear. Others are
so fluffy that I could knit sweaters. Socks are somewhere in between.
And all of the various levels of dust happen in the same environment,
and often in the same time frame.

I dunno. It's a random process.

I've gone so far as to have a beaker of dilute Photo-Flow on hand to
dip film into and then wipe down before scanning. I've even dabbed
Photo-Flow solution on Filmwipes to swab negatives in the holder before
scanning. I've used compressed air cans.

Hell, I've used blowtorches and prayers!

It's a random process.

There's more I could say about this. . . . but then we'd be talking
about digital capture. And that IS a whole 'nother subject. I don't
want to go there tonight. I just can't.


Oy, vey.

Go easy,

John Campbell
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On Saturday, May 1, 2004, at 01:50 AM, Jack Fulton wrote:

> I hooked the Imacon Flextight Photo up to a G4 dual (by SCSI, no less!
> --this Imacon was made for Windows) and downloaded the latest Mac
> version of the software. From there on it was smooth sailing--3600dpi
> with nary a glitch in making 16 bit RGB Tiff files. . . . Well. . .
> except for the dust. (And that's a whole 'nother topic.)
> __________________________
> John Campbell
> PhotoGecko Studios & Gallery
> Yes, John, DUST! I just did some scans w/an Imacon @ 5600 dpi and boy
> oh boy was there a lot of dust, smudges, etc. I have spent hours
> retouching. Any tricks/tips?
> Jack Fulton
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