Re: Developing sheet film in open-ended PVC tubes

Date: 03/31/04-04:45:59 PM Z
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One of the points made earlier, if I recall, was to use this procedure to do
a development with minimal agitation in order to enhance the adjacency effect.
  I've used a similar procedure in 35mm and medium format development based
on an article that I read long ago in an article in Modern (or was it
Popular?) Photography. This was based on the theory that one should use a dilute
solution of developer, in this case D-76 1:1 and use twice the volume of
developer as would customarily be used for the given amount of film; basically, just
develop one reel of film in a full two reel tank. Agitation was three gentle
inversions every minute. Developer used as a one-shot. Since I had never
had any problem with air bells or uneven development, it seemed an interesting
possibility and I've used this procedure ever since. I really can't provide
empirical evidence that it did enhance the adjacency effect but it has
provided sharp negs with good tonal range and highlights that I can print.

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