Re: Developing sheet film in open-ended PVC tubes

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If I remember correctly, it was Phil Davis. The procedure should be
described in one of his book "Beyond The Zone System." While this is from
memory, I think it is correct since the tubes are also known as BTZS
(abbreviation from the title of the book) tubes.

Dave S

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Subject: Developing sheet film in open-ended PVC tubes

> A number of years ago someone wrote an article that was published in
> one of the national magazines that described how to develop sheet
> film in open-ended PVC tubes in trays. This procedure offers some
> advantages over normal tray development in that it gives 1) very even
> development with no edge hot spots, and 2) minimizes the possibility
> of scratching that many experience in shuffle agitation.
> I am describing this procedure in a current writing project and would
> like to give credit to the person who originally suggested the
> procedure but I am unable to locate it. Can anyone on the list
> provide any details to help me locate the article.
> Sandy
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