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I once used Aquarelle for Pt/Pd and got a great image, but couldn't
stand the smell either. I thought I had a rotten (sic) batch and
didn't try it again because I preferred the Arches Platine.

What's the smell from?

>Hi all,
> I just wanted to share my experiences with different papers, for what
>it is worth.
> I had previously posted on the sinking of aquarelle to the bottom of
>the tub when presoaking and shrinking my paper. It also held in moisture the
>longest, so it took FOREVER to dry, unlike Uno and Artistico and Magnano.
>It also had clear spots of uneven sizing, and some I soaked had dark areas
>of what looked like stain. I thought for sure the aquarelle was going to be
>a "never order again" paper.
> However, in side by side comparisons, having never worked before on
>cold pressed papers and gum printing (before I only used Rives BFK which has
>some slight surface texture but is not cold pressed) I am amazed at how much
>detail you can get. For some reason, I thought the bumps in cold pressed
>papers would create a softer image, and not so. In fact, there is more
>depth to the image, but not less detail. I was using cold and hot in Uno,
>Artistico, Aquarelle. Magano is bumpy, too.
> The aquarelle no longer sank to the bottom once sized with a hardened
>gelatin layer.
> The one thing I found was that I had a much easier time getting an even
>coating with no streaks with the cold pressed papers. This reminds me of
>Charles Ryberg and one other person on the list who was having difficulty
>streaking. Try cold pressed paper. Once I was past the first layer, the
>hot pressed, smooth papers would streak more. The first layer never did,
>tho, so somehow the buildup of hardened gum contributed to the streaking.
> Speaking of which, I was using the roller method on some, but could
>only get an even layer on the first layer but not thereafter. I think I
>need to make my gum solution thinner to use that method. Otherwise, I always
>use a 3" hake brush.
> I'm trying to decide on a paper to stick with, and contrary to what I
>was expecting, cold press may be it. Probably not aquarelle, as it does, as
>Katharine says, smell bad. I liken it to wet dog. Plus the other problems
>with it and uneven sizing etc. But it sure looks nice in a print...
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