Re: Glutaraldehyde: a cautionary tale (LONG!)

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Date: 03/31/04-06:02:20 AM Z
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<Katharine said, very large snip>:
I thought it might be useful for you all to
> have this story as a piece of data to consider when you ask yourself if
> you need to use this particular chemical. IF the glutaraldehyde did this
> to me, then it's really scary stuff.
     Thanks so much for this post. It has me cautioned. I was cautioned by
an offlist message, too, on the use of the stuff and so when I used it I
kept it in a closed thermos, and with the lower strength (.015% which seemed
overkill anyway), but I still would have absorbed the fumes as I was
brushing it on inside a room.
     As I was then coating with glyoxal, too, right after, I was wondering
to myself how good glyoxal is, even. Actually, the thing that had me most
afraid was the possibility of hardening eyeballs by fumes of glut, gly, or
even formaldehyde, or if this is even possible?? I think it is good that we
report on our experiences, as in essence we are "human subjects."
     Now, whether we need to harden gelatin or not is an interesting
question. If it is not soluble at 20c, as Ryuji says, and we keep our rinse
water cold, then it would seem unnecessary...I'm going to add this to
another list of things to try in the summer when I get done with this
massive gum project, along with not sizing again. It's just that my gum
printing has become absolutely predictable with sizing, tricolor, and spray
development, I am loathe to change, even if it would require one less
     It's amazing how much gum and pigment I have gone thru lately...before
it seemed a bottle of gum (500ml) lasted forever, now it is gone in a couple
months. I suppose that is because I am doing big prints (duh) (but not as
big honkin' as Keith's, still...)
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