Re: Glutaraldehyde: a cautionary tale (LONG!)

From: Ryuji Suzuki ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 03/30/04-06:43:09 PM Z
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From: Katharine Thayer <>
Subject: Glutaraldehyde: a cautionary tale (LONG!)
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 13:07:56 +0000

> whether it's something as frightening as what happened to me. My 25
> cents worth,

Here's my 5 cents worth... I went out to drink until bars kicked
people out, and because I was so hungry I went to a cheap greasy
hamburger shop last night. This morning I had headache, sore muscle,
dry throat and rough voice, and upset stomach. Since I had headache
with drinks before, muscle ache, dry throat, rough voice and upset
stomach must be because of that cheap greasy hamburger. If you don't
want to be in a miserable shape like me, don't go there!

(yes you can go on like how many rats you saw there, etc.)

Ryuji Suzuki
"All the truth in the world adds up to one big lie." (Bob Dylan 2000)
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