Re: silly paper wetting question, etc.

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Date: 03/21/04-03:17:25 PM Z
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Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> One last thing; I poured out some leftover sizing in a cup and set it
> outside to gel... I noticed that gelatin en masse is yellowish, mixed with
> glyoxal. Tom thought I had peed in a cup and left it outside (the nerve).
> I really don't know why I share these inane stories with the list, but
> suffice it to say that my glyoxal didn't turn the gelatin yellow, it is
> yellow to begin with. The bottle is about 6 years old so maybe fresh
> glyoxal is not so yellow, but it still works fine, just the same. I'm
> wondering if the glyoxal yellowing problem is just the color of glyoxal
> itself. Those of you with a fresh bottle, peep inside and tell me if it is
> yellow or not?

Hi Christina,
My glyoxal is brand new last week; it is totally clear and colorless.
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