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A lot of changes happend in the paper making biz, 1986/88. Paper went from a
more acid side to a more base/alkaline side harder to make, harder to size,
restructor the paper process. Giving you changes in the whay papers work. I
have stash of 1986/88 Strathmore 500 that prints just great. It is much
different than the modern paper, sizing and surface finish is just different.

hope this helps

Jan Pietrzak

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> Subject: Re: silly paper wetting question
> Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> >
> > Hi all,
> > I've been shrinking paper: magnani pescia, uno, artistico, arches
> > aquarelle. I notice that aquarelle becomes transparent and sinks to the
> > bottom of the tub. Why would one paper sink and another float? All the
> > others float. All are same weight (140 lb).
> > Chris
> But this puzzles me. I used 140# Arches aquarelle for years and years,
> and never had a piece of it either turn transparent or sink. Today's
> paper must be quite different from the Arches I knew. This sounds like
> how Arches Platine behaved for me when I tried it. Interesting.
> kt
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