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Date: 03/16/04-06:51:20 AM Z
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Ryuji Suzuki wrote:
 I would strongly recommend alt
> processors and silver gelatin emulsion hobbists to call YOUR regular
> chemical supply sources (such as Photographer's Formulary) and tell
> them you want to buy 500ml of 1% or 2.5% glutaraldehyde solution (with
> pH adjusted acidic to prevent polimerization) FROM THEM and also tell
> them you know other people who want it.

Hi Ryujii,
I just want a little bit of this stuff to satisfy a point of
intellectual curiosity; since I don't size as a rule, I have little
need for hardening agents for gelatin. I was going to order some from
Pelco (thanks Gordon) but now I'm confused. Do you mean to say that it
has to be pH adjusted in order to be useful, and that what I get from
Pelco might not be? Also, the lowest strength Pelco has is 8%, but I
assume it's only a matter of adding more water, right?
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