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> Virtually
> all of the new inkjet materials are microporous, that is they have been
> with some kind of electronic field that puts zillions of very tiny holes
> the surface.

              Do you think this makes the material porous in the same way as
paper is porous?

>These holes are in the micron size, extremely tiny.

              So these holes act as a key to some kinds of coating? Maybe

>For some reason the newer pigment inkjet inks will not stick to gel coated
paper >so they've gone to this system.

               They were obviously looking for something that would hold
more firmly onto the pigment ink. Pete's Fotempera process and other Direct
Carbon processes, such as gum, and the Fredricktype process seem to work by the
unhardened pigmented colloid being able to release cleanly from the sized
support. Would this Melinex lend this attribute to these processes?

                   Its a project for testing. Thats for sure.
                                         John- Photographist

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