Maritime Canadians on the list?

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Date: 03/14/04-07:36:37 AM Z
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I'm planning a trip through the Canadian Maritimes in May and June. I will
be driving through Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, PEI and then ultimately onto
Newfoundland where I intend to photograph icebergs - with my Diana cameras
from above the water and my Motor Marine II from below.

Are there any list members hailing from those parts? It would be great to
hook up. Do any list members have travel experience there with thoughts to

BTW - I've wanted to do this trip for quite sometime. So, this winter I sent
a letter out to a small list of past supporters offering to "pre-sell" a
slip-cased limited-edition portfolio of five images from the project (my
first ever) at a significant discount if they purchased it *before* the
project began. I've sold eight portfolios (out of 20) so far and now have
sufficient funding to tackle the project. A very gratifying response - and

Wish me luck....

Tenants Harbor, Maine
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