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Thank you, Gordon- I was about to ask how did this all came into being- PS
I'm a Physiotherapist who has been phtographing ince I was nine long before
Physical Medicine was thought about...
I miss the Photographers' gallery. Susan.
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> > Hi Gord,
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> > But, a comes its been thru the
department of
> > BIOLOGY rather than , say, art or graphics or photography? Please dont
> > about that question if its too complex.
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> > John Grocott- Photographist
> Because I'm a photographer (with a degree in biology) who works
> for the Biology Dept. as a computer support technician. Isn't it obvious
> :)
> History time - I started doing alt-photo with a workshop on carbon
> printing given by Luis Nadeau at an artist run photography gallery in
> Saskatoon called the Photographers Gallery - it was Canada's oldest artist
> run photography center. The Gallery also ran a workshop on Platinum &
> palladium ( by George Steeves) and photo-etching (by April Hickocks -
> can't remember correct spelling of April's last name)
> I was hooked. Discovered the net, and mailing lists, and decided to see
> if I could get an alt-photo list going. Steve Avery volunteered to manage
> it. When he graduated I took over the list. There are around 20 people
> who are still subscribed from when Steve managed the list.
> I had to get the support of the art department here to justify using
> University resources to manage it. Many of the people in the
> photography/art department had attended the same workshops that I did, and
> were also involved with the Photographers Gallery. They were able to
> convince the U that I was doing something legitimate. The Internet was
> still fairly new in 1994, so I don't think anyone in the art department
> had considered doing an alt-photo mailing list.
> The list is hosted by the UofS as a service to the academic community in
> general.
> Gord
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