Re: Cyanotype Solution storage?

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Date: 03/13/04-07:59:25 PM Z
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The problem I've experienced is mold forming in the FAC solution. So I mix
fresh solutions for short-term needs.

Dave in Wyoming

> > >a question. do the separate solutions of cyanotype need to be contained
> > >in light tight bottles/containers? i've read in a couple of places that
> > >they do, but i figure there might be some experiential information out
> > >there that might say otherwise. i have a whole bunch of these
> > >translucent juice bottles that i'd like to recycle, so i'm wondering if
> > >they would work very well.
> Steve, while I'd agree with Ken that wrapping the bottle in foil (or other
> opaque, like the black plastic bag from a box of photo film or paper) is
> OK... I'd still advise against it for anything past the short term. I take
> it those "translucent juice bottles" are plastic. Even photo plastic
> doesn't keep solutions as well as glass, and this plastic would be much
> thinner. Also -- are the covers plastic? That's OK, probably, but not
> metal.
> J.
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