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No, I was getting confused with Citric Acid <blush> Cream of tartar does
hold things up - it's one of the ingredients of baking powder.
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> On Fri, 12 Mar 2004, Kate Mahoney wrote:
> > Are you sure you can't buy tartaric acid at your grocery store? I seem
> > remember using it in the kitchen in the distant past.....little boxes,
> > 50gr at a time.....I'll check next time I'm in there :)
> > Kate
> It's Cream of Tartar, I believe, and recipes used to call for it in
> meringues, the theory being that it kept them from falling. But in truth
> if you beat them with an electric mixer they'd stay up OK... and the Cream
> of Tartar almost certainly had other ingredients (starch? and/or?) that
> would throw your emulsion and/or your measurements off.
> J.
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