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>> John,
>> John it is good to see you still banging away at the direct carbon process.
> Pete, So, the rumours were not true that you are seeking Spanish
> nationality.........?

I don't know how you got here John

No I am not British or Spanish I can accept begining a Man of Catalan. In
essence I am a European
>> There still seems to be a strong interest in this process
> Well, this is not surprising, is it, as so very few guys ( and gals)
> have ever had an opportunity of trying it? Very little publicity. I only came
> across this kind of work after about forty years of, dare I say, boring silver
> gelatine factory made products. It has, of course, been sublimated along with
> many other original systems by certain commercial factions for their own
> interests. Then again, I feel we have only recently started recovery from the
> lull

I don't know what you are talking about.

> in innovative art photography brought about by the other immediate matters of
> dealing with World war two

Again I don't know what you are talking about.


I am not interested of approaches with cash in hand. Or upper echelon of
investors . I am to old to worry about these things

>> For those who may wish to try out my process here is the basic process --:
>> The Fredricktype direct carbon process
> OK. Thanks.But would you consider making a version of your paper for
> sale
No I have given them the process it is up them make it work full stop!!!

That's is their problem not mine.

> who would appreciate the facility of simply dipping to sensitise (as with the
> '' F " process ) + etc., I have tried a similar system to this one you
> describe with PVA and obtained pleasing results. I would recommend it to
> anyone
> starting in Direct Carbon

Good for you John

To those who do not have the skill or inclination to do all that work but

If they don't have the inclination or skill to do all that work what the
hell are they doing it for ?
>> The unique feature of this process is the
>> method of sizing. I use a very weak coat of Dulux Matt white Emulsion
>> paints. However any quality water based domestic wall paint will do I think
>> it is called latex in the US.
> I have also tried dead flat white acrylic based spray undercoating
> vehicle paint. Good results. Completely waterproof like the plastic sheet you
> use for Fotempera. I noticed another spray, recently, in a motor paint
> shop....." Polyester". I must try this although my own I.C.I system does not
> require
> the paper base to be impervious to water. Possibly, the opposite is the case
> as
> I am using a gelatine mix as the substrate which needs to grab the support
> paper

It is not Fotempera any more it is now Egg-tempera-print

Without having the complete details of your process I cannot comment this
the problem secret processes.
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