Re: enlarged negs - questions on process

Date: 03/12/04-08:29:09 AM Z
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I have been doing the direct reversal negatives for over a year now. I am
sold on it. It is very easy to tune your Dmax to the process you are
working with, the lith film is cheap so you don't feel bad about
experimenting to get the best negative. I have a few tricks that I
gathered that I would be happy to pass along if you decide to get into it.

> Hello all,
> Any thoughts or comments on the relative advantages, benefits,
> difficulties
> between using a interpositive to enlargement method compared to a direct
> reversal enlargement?
> I've been reading articles on both methods (good ones at
> and it seems to me the direct reversal method eliminates a step of loss,
> dust gathering, etc. But the theoretical observations of someone who
> hasn't tried a process are often wrong. ;)
> Feedback much appreciated as I'd like to start ordering film and stuff in
> the next few days.
> Cheers!
> Ian Greant
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