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Hi Galina, it seems I missed your message last evening...

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> Hi, Loris,
> I have been making cyanotypes on silk for a long time, also
> in very big
> sizes, you can see some on my site (Blue and fireproof and
> Being blue).

I saw them - they're very nice!!! My favourite is the 2nd one in Being
Blue - the texture and color is wonderful.

> You should never use soap with silk, just soak it in water and change
> the water many times. If your water is basic, add some drops of lemon
> acid.

Will try to pre-wash with 0.5% sulfuric acid (5ml to 1lt) and then rinse
reveral times...

> will always be marks one way or another. I usually hang it
> one way and
> turn it the other way after a short while, in order to get the coat
> more even.

That makes sense - thanks.

> As the emulsion gets through the fabric, it is important what
> you have
> under the fabric during the exposure. It will be different with white
> or black background. My exposures on very thin silk were about the

I tried to place a white sheet of paper and liked the result. That way,
I didn't need to prolong the exposure time; I had nicely exposed images
with my standard printing time... What will change if I expose with the
black felt of the printing frame's back under the fabric?
> third of the normal times. The image on thin silk is typically very
> weak, low contrast. But if you use a satin shiny thicker
> silk, it will
> be dark blue, but not transparent naturally.

I see, thanks for the tip...

> The reason why it is difficult to get a strong image on thin silk is
> thickness of the coat and transparency of the fabric. It helps if you
> build it up by coating with concentrated emulsion or coating twice,
> but that is tricky.

My images were strong with just one immersion - I guess this depends too
much to the fabric type; testing is the only way to see what happens...

Thanks you very much again,
will post links to scans of my prints soon.

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