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I like to think about the actual effort we put into making abjects, be they
alt prints or what evers. In this age it is common to regard effort or work
as a negative (if it takes extra time to make something, or if it is more
physical, than the effort is misguided). Many cultures in the past had very
clear ways of thinking about the possitive attributes of the energy that
goes into making something. That energy was often given magical qualities (a
village would believe that their fruit would not spoil because it was packed
in the ceramic jars made by the potter of their village who put special
energy into his pots). Many traditional trades had incantations or gestures
that were to banish the evel spirits from their work, not just so it would
not explode in the kiln or crack in the quench but because these gestures
made their products better in some fundimental way.

Today most people believe they are too wise to believe in such things and
yet they honor that input of energy and individualism that they know (deep
down inside themselves) only comes from creative work (sometimes the
emphisis is more on the creative and sometimes more on the work). The puplic
lacks awareness and words for their relationship with this magic, but they
sence it just the same. Most of us have had that moment when an observer
stand in front of our art and can't move. Most people can't put their finger
on what it is that touches them but they feel some energy enter them.

I think that the work of making a print from bare paper effects us and our
creative energy and when all is right can add another layer to the viewers

On a different note read:

The Nature and Art of Workmanship
by David Pye, published by Cambium Press

A very thoughtfull piece about the difference between mass-produced and
artisan made objects. He came up with very clear (if densely written)
definitions for the differences and their meaning. Highly reccomended.

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