Re: UV fading of stained negatives

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Date: 03/09/04-03:15:16 PM Z
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Sandy and Linus,

I noticed this same effect several years ago with a negative that was
masked and printed probably a couple dozen times. I think I even mentioned
it on the list at the time.

The slight fading of the stain had no apprent effect on the printability
of the negative. It was FP4 processed in PMK.


> Sandy,
> I've been meaning to write to you about this for a while. However, since
> it's a topic here I'll share with the list. I have a 8x10 Pyrocat-HD
> negative (TMY) to which I had taped a rubylith mask to crop an
> approximately 4x10" section to print borderless with Pd/Pt. I printed
> this negative many times (20 or so, under BL tubes) and then removed the
> mask and put it away. Several months later I printed a larger portion of
> this neg without the mask. To my dismay, I could see an outline in the
> print of where the mask opening previously was. It’s subtle, but
> clearly visible. If I had not been masking, the change in the negative
> might not be very noticeable. I’ve been meaning to do a test to
> quantify the fading, but haven't gotten around to it.
> This is something to think about before masking negatives developed in
> staining developers.
> Linas
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