D-11 or D-19 for low contrat films

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 03/08/04-09:54:43 AM Z
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>If highest contrast is desired, D-11 is probably a better choice than
>D-19. You can still buy D-19 in a bag (at least last when I checked)
>but you have to mix D-11 from bulk chemicals. These developers contain
>KBr and fog increase with these developer should be pretty minimal.
>Ryuji Suzuki
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Just curious why you think D-11 is a better choice than D-19. I have
had some success with D-19 with low contrast films and wonder what
improvements I would find with D-11. Is it merely that D-11 it will
develop higher contrast, or is D-11 also better for some other
reason, such as keeping fog levels down?

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