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On Mon, 8 Mar 2004 wrote:
> I agree about the terminology. I think many people doing inkjet prints
> (especially service bureaus—just look at the ads in photo magazines) use terms
> like giclee, carbon prints, "platinum" prints, etc because they don't know any
> better, others because they want to sound fancier than "inkjet", and others
> because they want to try to hide the fact that the prints are inkjet and to
> convince some unsuspecting buyer that they are getting a "hand made" print from a
> wet process darkroom. It's silly.

Speaking of names, don't remember if I mentioned on the list, but I
think I've seen the poster child for euphemism in digital prints...

It was the Lucas Samaras show at the Whitney Museum. He had a room full
of obviously digital prints -- pictures clearly manipulated by computer
and printed out by digital printer.

The wall label said "Pure Pigment" for medium. I mentioned to a passing
docent that I thought that was pretty shocking. She said it shocked her
too, but she thought it was supposed to be funny. Anyway, if you're
looking for a "medium" for digital prints....

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