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Don wrote:

>Hi Michael,
>Please let me correct two statements I made about pyro developers.
>1) I incorrectly called WD2D as W2D2
>2) And misstated Rollo Pyro as a PMK variant which is actually a variant
>of ABC pyro originally introduced Harald Leban which he then dubbed

Don, you were correct the first time about Rollo Pyro. Although it
was originally called ABC+ by Harald Leban it is really a stronger
version of PMK, with some ascorbic acid, EDTA and potassium bromide
thrown in for good measure.

Now, to further complicate matters, Formulary sells a formula they
call ABC+, which, unless I am mistaken, was originally called Pyro
Plus by Hutchings. It is the regular PMK formula plus a small amount
of amidol, which according to Hutchings give a slight speed increase
to PMK.

And don't confuse any of the above with the old ABC Pyro formula,
also know as Kodak D-1.

There will be a short quiz on this material tomorrow evening for all
Pyro sadists willing to submit to further flagellation, mortification
and penitence in the mystical pursuit of true knowledge and unity
with the Pyro divinity.


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>> Thanks for the input. I love forums like this where experts and
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>> I'm heading over to read the article now. I'm sure I'll come back
>> more
>> questions.
>> Is there yet another list or discussion board where pyro is more
>suited to
>> discuss?
>> Thanks,
>> Michael
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