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> ...
> Everyone knows what an
> ink jet print is so my guess is the other terms are
> just used to put fog in
> front of a naive buyer's eye.
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And why is that, I guess I will never figure out! Is
it the photographer's or the gallery owner's will to
veil the actual printmaking method? Is it due to they
think an ink jet print is "inferior" in terms of
"sales value" or "longevity"? Longevity: For B&W
prints made with state of the art pigments inks, I
believe longevity is not an issue anymore. At least
they're equal (if not better - which I believe so) to
toned silver gelatin prints in this aspect. (Please
note that my intention is NOT to start a "hot"
discussion on this topic) Sales value: But then I know
that there are people selling "editioned" ink jet
prints for prices in $500 - $2000 range. Confusing...

> The handmade will always have an add-on value
> because of it human element.
> ...
> on a CMC wood mill-lathe, and in fact Gone With the
> Wind style staircases,
> once the product of a year's worth of work by a
> whole crew of craftsmen is
> now turned out in a day by computer driven machines.
> ...

I yet have to make a better "handmade" print than the
ones I make with my ink jet printer (better: sharper,
more detailed, closer to / same as what I had
visualized) and this is not likely to happen unless I
change my tools and/or refine my technique. But I keep
making handmade prints (which are - I as said above -
not quite up to those prints I make with my ink jet
printer using quad tone pigment inks) mainly because I
feel this is a revolt against all things around us
that are spiritlessly becoming mechanized / automated
/ obsessive over productivity (disregarding many other
aspects)... so on. (Please note that I make my living
as a computer programmer. So, all this alt. process
stuff I'm struggling with is a way of getting my mind
off from all these negative elements I've listed

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