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I don't disagree with your point at all; but with this particular issue
I disagree strongly. I have to assume you don't make fine furniture. In
fact, hand-cut dovetails are still superior to those cut with a router
jig, as is most joinery, such as mortise and tenon vs the dowels used in
machine made furniture. The wood used in hand-made furniture is also
allowed to show, vs covering the grain with fillers and the like
intended to disguise the wood used. I won't belabor this point; but it's
more than just a "hand-made" label that matters. I think the same
applies to photography, the control the artist has over materials
matters in the end result.


Richard Sullivan wrote:

> ...When I point out that much of that fine furniture has dovetails
> that are cut by hand and could be cut finer and better by a dovetail
> jig, and that a dimensional drawing could be made and the finest
> handmade rocker could be turned out in minutes on a CMC wood
> mill-lathe, and in fact Gone With the Wind style staircases, once the
> product of a year's worth of work by a whole crew of craftsmen is now
> turned out in a day by computer driven machines. Why then does the
> handmade furniture piece command such high prices. Because it reflects
> and revels in the idea of craft. hand craft! ...
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