Re: Charcoal Prints?Thanks to your spouse.

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John: Thank you for your response. John Stewart ***DID*** mention working
with the Fresson family. In addition, I used the magic of Google to find
the following website .

It has an incredibly incomplete description of a direct charcoal process
using different layers of charcoal density. I will contact you off list for
more info. Thanks. Jim
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> > I went to a gallery today in Chicago (not Catherine Edelman's gallery
> > there are some photogravures) and saw some "charcoal" prints. They were
> > somehow related in the writings sitting around to Fressons. Since my
> spouse
> > liked them, I thought I should find out the process. Anyone have any
> > exprience or know what it is? Is it carbon printing? TIA. Jim
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> Hi Jim and all,
> >I went to a gallery today in Chicago and saw some "charcoal" prints....
> I am in London, England so please give us the name of the gallery
so I
> could contact them for more detail ...some ''charcoal'' prints. Altho
> is somewhat vague the photographer who refers to his work in this way is
> Stuart. Was this in the literature in connection with Fresson? Stuart
> have his work printed by the Fressons.
> >Since my spouse liked them, I thought I should find out the process.
> I think your spouse has very good taste and a perceptive eye and it is
> understanding that you should try to get more info. on the process.
> >Anyone have any exprience or know what it is? Is it carbon printing?
> Jim
> Please excuse what might appear to be a little dogmatic but I have
> been researching this ''charcoal'' process for more than twelve years and
am now
> in a position, after doing extensive tests with Direct Carbon, to indulge
> some shameless self promotion as seems to be accepted here on this list,
> late.
> >is it carbon printing?
> No! It is not Carbon Transfer as has widely been described and promoted,
> recently on this list. Carbon Transfer paper cannot be used to make
> prints.
> ''Charcoal'' is Direct Carbon. I have renamed my system I .C. I.
> (Interface Carbon Imbibition) as this briefly, theoretically, decribes the
> which I have developed based on some obscure and little known info.
> over the years. However, my own research deviated considerably from that
which I
> found published and includes truly inovative photographic technology. The
> coated paper which I am making gives a range of tones from very deep
carbon black
> to pure white and is processed (developed) in exactly the way as descibed
> the often published ''Fresson'' system shortly, hopefully, to be
> yet again, in Post Factory # 9 magazine edited by Judy Seigel of this
> I am sorry that I cannot be more explicit, here. But if you
> or anyone, would care to contact me OFF LIST maybe we can do some
> Happy hunting. John Grocott- Photographist
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