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What fantastic images - I particularly like the rock ones.....
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Subject: Platinum, platinum/pigment Images in gallery

> I've been working with platinum and platinum/pigment since December
> (thanks Dan, incredible process!). I have work at the Susan Spiritus
> Gallery ( ), and
> more at my web site at and go to the platinum
> link.
> Up until now, most of my work has been traditional silver b/w,
> cibachrome, and then digital inkjet. I'm using the Ziatype process for
> platinum, and an Epson 9500 to lay down the pigment. Dan, the
> information in your book and the new update has been an incredible help.
> Almost all of my images start as digital, so I'm kinda working in
> reverse.. Digital to analog.
> Great list here!
> Jim
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