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BTW, it is my understanding that the pigment used in the Autotype
tissue is Iron Oxide. I made some tissue that was very close in color
to the Autotype material using Cal Tint II Venetian Red.


>Ok you guys.
>In the next few weeks I will make a run of light red tissue. I'll
>announce and you will call and get bunch for free to text.
>I met McGraw back in the 1970's. He was old then.
>They were located in Burbank Ca. by the tracks by the river. They
>had some floral and fruit bowl color carbons in the front lobby that
>were to die for. He said they were made in the 30's, still like they
>day they were made. I wonder where they are now?
>At 12:23 PM 3/6/2004, you wrote:
>>Ditto,Ditto DITTO!!!
>>I would kill for a product like McGraw Colorgraph produced...
>>Hopefully, Richard will be thinking of us gravure miesters.
>>Cheers, Craig Z.
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>>> I would like to recommend the production of gravure paper. Autotype could
>>> use some competition.
>>> Jack Reisland
>>> Richard Sullivan wrote:
>>> >
>>> > With the coating machine I am looking at other coated products like oil
>> > > paper, collotype film, albumen, etc. Comments welcome.
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