Re: OFFTOPIC!! Totally off topic boycott

From: Michael Slade ^lt;>
Date: 03/05/04-07:41:28 PM Z
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on 3/5/04 2:51 PM, Gordon J. Holtslander at wrote:

> OK
> This is definitely offtopic.
> As the list manager I will insist that this discussion be dropped.
> Gord Holtslander
> List Manager


Apologies for taking the off-topic topic a bit too far.

With your insistance you might have suggested we take it private. Insisting
that it be dropped is a little heavy handed. Suggesting we take it
'outside' would have been a little, er, nicer maybe.

Glad to be a part of a group that's actually moderated. Apologies are


Michael Slade
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