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This sounds truely cool, what's the price tag on them ?
> Gregory,
> I'm glad you didn't take my statement as an attack. I just try to point out
> a different stance whenever people take pot-shots at the whole SUV argument.
> Personally, I like a zero-emission vehicle, like the VW TDi. If run on
> biodiesel, it is truly a zero-emission vehicle, as the carbon that is
> released into the atmosphere is exactly the same amount of carbon that is
> taken out of the atmosphere during the growth cycle of the particular
> organic matter that was used to produce the biodiesel.
> We plan on getting a VW Jetta Tdi this summer and run it either on biodiesel
> or WVO (waste vegetable oil).
> If a diesel vehicle is converted to run on WVO, fuel costs are practically
> free, as the WVO is generated by every restaurant that uses a deep-fryer.
> You can oftentimes collect WVO from restaurants at no cost because they
> usually have to have the WVO disposed of which costs money.
> Most restaurant owners/managers are more than happy to give it away after
> it's been used. For the WVO diesel operating owner, it happens to work out
> pretty well that your vehicle can run for free on someone else's waste.
> Too bad more things in life don't work out that way.
> We looked at the Prius very seriously, have a friend who has a Gen 1 and a
> Gen 2 Prius and was very tempted.
> Hybrid technology and diesel technology will, IMO, be the wave of the future
> for automobile power.
> biodiesel, IMO, could also solve the countries farming recession, put more
> farmers to work growing soybeans for refining into fuel, and get them off of
> government assistance.
> Politically it is a charged issue, the oil-lobby is very powerful and
> wouldn't want to give up any ground to a farmer growing beans in the
> back-40.
> Also, the public perception of diesel is still very bad (but
> changing...slowly I think), so it'll take a while to catch on.
> Anyway, your thoughts are similar to mine.
> Thanks for writing.
> Michael Slade
> Tawąyama Safaris Inc.
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