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Date: 03/04/04-06:39:49 AM Z
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> Chris... I am also dedicated to spray, but could never find a "cheapy drug
> store bottle" where the spray wasn't so coarse it left holes, tho I tried
> about 6 types, from flower mister to "atomizer." I figure either you
> found a different one (maybe they've had an upgrade?) -- or your print is
> tougher, so it doesn't succumb so easily. Is there a brand or type name
> on your sprayer?

I have 2, one is a plastic one with painted flowers which is more forceful
by a company called Bottle Creek, one is an industrial one with frosted
plastic and red lettering by Envirokind, both probably $2 models. I don't
think it is the spray bottle that does the trick, it is matching the
dichromate concentration to the negative contrast to the exposure to the
thin layer that allows the coat to be stable enough to spray, if I were to
hazard a guess. However, I've exposed for 2=4 minutes and it makes no
difference. If I expose over 4 minutes, then it takes more spraying, but it
works all the same.

> But a "cheapy drugstore spray" would be the ticket, if I could find the
> right one... Yours actually puts out a *MIST* ??.... Really?? Is there a
> name on it?

It's a mist spray, but a forceful mist. It has an adjustable nozzle that
goes from stream to spray, you know?
> PS. About the "gum doesn't do fine detail" thing... I think it's a matter
> of semantics. I've put prints done with the same negative, one in cyano or
> VDB, the other in gum, side by side -- all the *detail* of the negative is
> there, but the edges are SHARPER in the others, *softer* in the gum.
> It's a crisp look vs a softer look... The DETAIL is the same,the *look*
> different...>
> Judy
Yes, I think all detail is printed down to body hairs, but since gum is a
relief process more or less, the depth of the details is physically higher
and softer.looking. Plus it's printed on a soft paper surface. I printed
on some Fabriano Artistico Hot Press (which seems to be very dimensionally
stable in large sizes) and that print was super sharp, as opposed to
printing on Rives BFK. But certainly not albumen sharp.
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