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Date: 03/04/04-07:11:57 AM Z
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> Hi Chris, agree that the spray bottle is the most wonderful tool, my one
> pretty similar and can do a nice 'mist' spray for overall coverage, or a
> more directed squirt at stubborn areas. After the first coat I very rarely
> do the straight development, out comes the bottle, and a bottle of wine
> I am lucky :-)
> Best with the reviews
> Regards Hamish in sunny damp London

Hi Hamish, mine's the same adjustable type, not fancy, just quick and easy.

Reviews went surprisingly well. I wasn't kicked out, nor railed on :). In
fact, they actually liked my direction. In fact, I'm puzzled that it was so
much better than expected that maybe I missed something negative in my gum
ecstasy?...but I need that bottle of wine now to get thru all the other
classwork I didn't do in order to gum print for the reviews...such is the
story of grad school, always behind, always too much work to complete.

I think, though, that a worker of gum appreciates a completed gum more than
a viewer of gum because when you hold your breath through three layers, a
finished product is a godsend. Especially with the bigger prints.

Now, though, my process is becoming so much more predictable. The wonderful
thing about tricolor sep negs is that the yellow layer, and then the magenta
layer makes a sickly gum print, but when that blue layer goes on, and you
spray develop it, it is like magic watching the blue color release from the
areas it shouldn't be in, and things appear like the red taillights of cars,
or peach walls where they should be peach...

I also find that the prints that are more appealing to non-alt process
people are the ones with imperfections, a little color missing here, a
surface area scratched there, borders showing the color layers...I did one
where I coated my hand in the sensitized pigment and hand printed a layer,
and printed a neg on top. It's a mess but....looks interesting. (if you do
this wear gloves so you don't sacrifice your life for your art...) One, of a
bunch of squished cars, looks better in the print I did a too thick blue
layer on and it flaked off...the flake fits the theme.
Back to work, and very tired...
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