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Good to hear from you, looks like we may potientially have a large portfolio to look at if everyone comes through.

Listed below is my boiler plate reply with the folio guidelines.



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> In past years Wade Allen was kind enough to host the APTP on his web
> site, unfortunately that web site is no longer available. So In order to
> communicate with alt. workers interested in participating in the
> traveling portfolio a Yahoo group has been created to communicate with
> participants. This group can be found at :
> This group was established last year by Dave Soemarko and requires you
> to join to receive e-mail messages from participating members related to
> the exchange and exchange issues. To join the group, please follow the
> instructions found at for joining groups.
> The intent of the APTP is to provide an opportunity for the broad
> community of alt. practitioners to share their work with others,
> allowing participants to view, enjoy and appreciate the myriad printing
> processes being practiced by this group.
> Here are the guidelines for the APTP:
> 1) Do not submit any work you cannot afford to lose as it may be
> susceptible to damage or permanently lost by the U.S. Postal Service. I
> cannot be responsible for any unreturned work no matter what happens to
> the APTP. I will however, extend due diligence to ensure the proper
> handling and shipping of the portfolio; however please don't send an
> irreplaceable print. Prints should be finished pieces, un-matted.
> 2) Currently the APTP will be limited to participants working in
> the United States due to the expense and time required for international
> shipments. There is a possibility that an international distribution may
> occur but that has not been planned for at this time. Non U.S. members
> are welcome to offer suggestions about how to implement an international
> distribution.
> 3) What is considered to be an alternative process print? Generally
> speaking this is a hand made print based on a historic photographic
> process. But this would also include Mordancage, Polaroid transfers,
> SX-70 manipulations, and Polaroid emulsion lifts. Inkjet prints or
> silver gelatin prints would be excluded as acceptable alternative
> processes.
> 4) Each participant should only keep the portfolio for a maximum of
> a week before sending the prints to the next person. All shipments
> should be made via the USPS with tracking and delivery confirmation.
> 5) Submitted prints should be packaged to prevent shipping damage.
> Each print should have the submitters name and title printed on the
> verso (reverse side) of the print to provide easy identification for the
> group. A cover sheet identifying the contents, the submitters name and
> address, and any information the sender wishes to share about their work
> should be included. I would suggest that prints be bagged in a clear
> plastic bag, in the past I've enclosed my prints in a 2 gallon zip lock
> bag. This makes separating each individuals work easy and protects work
> from damp or humid conditions.
> 6) Each person is limited to three prints no larger than 11x 14
> inches in size. The size of the image is determined by the individual
> artist. If there is enough interest in future traveling portfolios we
> can accept work from workers making prints from ultra large format
> negatives.
> 7) There are no themes or subject guidelines for the portfolio. Any
> subject matter is acceptable as long as it can be sent legally through
> the U.S. Postal Service.
> 8) Participants are invited to share their questions or critiques
> about work included in the portfolio. In the past the portfolio has
> presented an opportunity for participants to share and show the personal
> techniques and knowledge of their chosen process. This is a great way
> for beginners to learn about processes they may be interested in
> exploring.
> 9) In past traveling portfolios, some members have expressed an
> interest in exchanging prints. This is certainly a viable consideration
> but should be done separately from the traveling portfolio.
> 10) Digital vs. Analog: There are no restrictions about how the
> original image was captured or an enlarged negative is made. Traditional
> film materials, digitally created images or a hybrid of both are fine
> for submission.
> 11) Each individual participating will be responsible for paying any
> required postage to ship the portfolio to the next listed individual. If
> the package is large enough this could amount to $15 or $20 for postage.
> All shipments should be first class mail, with delivery notification and
> parcel tracking. You can go to for information about
> mail fee, packaging, etc. When a participant receives the portfolio,
> e-mail should be sent to the Yahoo group acknowledging the receipt of
> the shipment. When the work is shipped to the next recipient, e-mail
> should be issued to the group with the tracking number and name of the
> person to receive the package. Participants will also be responsible for
> properly packing the portfolio. Generally this means sending it out like
> you received it, in meeting the requirements of the U.S. P.S.
> 12) I will provide an enclosure with the list of names and
> addresses of the participants. The portfolio should be shipped in the
> order printed on the list. Your name and mail address should be included
> on the face of the package as well as an enclosure in the package.
> 13) Participants should e-mail me their name and address in private
> e-mail. Do not put personal information on the Yahoo group. It can be
> viewed publicly.
> 14) Participants should ship their work directly to me at:
> Don Bryant
> 3270 Old Oaks Road
> Buford, GA 30519-4079
> Day phone: 770-662-2379
> Evening/Weekends: 770-932-5501
> I'm sure I've forgotten something in this guideline so e-mail me with
> any questions you may have.
> Thanks,
> Don Bryant

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Count me in, I'm up for more...whatever...

Darryl Baird

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Hi everyone,


Many of you may recall, at one time Dave Soemarko organized and
the APTP (Alternative Process Traveling Portfolio); because of
demands on Dave's time due to work commitments, Dave Soemarko has
retired as the manager of the APTP. It has been quite a while since
last call for entries so I have volunteered to manage the APTP to
the APTP to become active again.


So I am pleased to say the purpose of this message is to make an
announcement for a call for participants for the Alternative Process
Traveling Portfolio. Since we are through the month of February I
like to establish May 1st of this year as the deadline to have work
submitted to me for inclusion in this year's first portfolio. The
will be limited to the first 15 people wishing to participate. Suzanne
Izzo and I have already submitted work for the APTP so we are already
down to 13 slots. Unfortunately the traveling portfolio on this round
limited to alt. workers living in the U.S.A. If there is enough
in an international distribution perhaps that could be arranged later
this year.


If you are interested in participating please sent me an e-mail off
for more details.




Don Bryant

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