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Hi Jeffery,

That's why I have a dedicated humidifier and a cute little digital readout

Even better, in the winter, turn off the humidifier when it is 15 degrees
outside and watch how quickly the humidity in your whole house drops!

My thought on thicker paper was that it might take a bit longer for the
humidity to raise or lower. My guess is that different papers will take more or
less moisture depending on their makeup. I know when I wear more makeup,
especially eye shadow, it seems to seal in the moisture.

Mark Nelson

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> As a suggestion, place your humidified sheet on a scale and watch how
> fast the weight changes.  By the way, humidity in the paper is not
> neccessarily higher with a thicker paper, but the amount of water in the
> heavier paper is expected to be more.  Once you discover how fast the
> weight of the humidified paper can change you may come to the
> realization that to control such humidity in the paper, especially for
> repeatable results, the RH of the coating room should be controled (as
> well as the temperature.  I reported some of this in the Wet Dry Drying
> Study in my e-guide several years ago.  My latest work area (in
> construction) includes a separate room just large enough for coating in
> which temperature and humidity are regulated.
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