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Have you tried white vinegar???? It works for irons (blush). In other words,
dilute acetic acid (for those who are of the other gender).
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> On Tue, 2 Mar 2004, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> > It is a cheapy drug store spray bottle like a flower sprayer or
> > sprayer that sends out a fine but powerful mist--not a straight stream,
> > a mist. I have been spraying ALL my gums this semester. They are
> > consistent.
> Chris... I am also dedicated to spray, but could never find a "cheapy drug
> store bottle" where the spray wasn't so coarse it left holes, tho I tried
> about 6 types, from flower mister to "atomizer." I figure either you
> found a different one (maybe they've had an upgrade?) -- or your print is
> tougher, so it doesn't succumb so easily. Is there a brand or type name
> on your sprayer?
> What I did, incidentally, and it was WONDERFUL, was buy a Dahlia Mister
> sprayer from TALAS -- it wasn't actually the Dahlia Mister, but some other
> Japanese make of similar type... Very expensive, but it was magical, and
> worth every cent... The problem was that I didn't know to use distilled
> water in it, or at least filtered water... So in a while the nozzle
> clogged... and the construction is such... well, I never could figure a
> way to clear it. Now I use filtered water only, but it's a distant shadow
> of its former self, probably grit in the pipeline, and no way I can figure
> to clear it -- right now for instance it's not working at all... I stick
> pins in it, but not much use. (Talas also has a $15 mister which also
> clogs, but the replacement hurts less... The spray is coarser than the
> Dahlia Mister, but finer than the others.)
> Maybe there's something somebody knows about I could soak that nozzle
> in that wouldn't dissolve the metal??
> But a "cheapy drugstore spray" would be the ticket, if I could find the
> right one... Yours actually puts out a *MIST* ??.... Really?? Is there a
> name on it?
> PS. About the "gum doesn't do fine detail" thing... I think it's a matter
> of semantics. I've put prints done with the same negative, one in cyano or
> VDB, the other in gum, side by side -- all the *detail* of the negative is
> there, but the edges are SHARPER in the others, *softer* in the gum.
> It's a crisp look vs a softer look... The DETAIL is the same,the *look*
> different...
> Judy
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