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If I can talk Jane into guiding me there, I just might do it! She's always
telling me where to go. Sometimes I get her to speak French instead of
English....that way I don't know what she is saying when I make a wrong turn...


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> To all in Los Angeles area,
> The Art of the Process, an alternitives show
> AV Pike, mono print with cyanotypes and van dykes--Jan Harvy and David
> Hoptman
> Solar printand polymer gravure--Harrison Branch and Dan Burkholder platinum/
> palladium and pigment over platinum--Ted Orland hand colored
> prints--Christina
> Anderson, mordancage--Jill Skupin-Burkholder bromoil--Zoe Zimmerman albumen
> prints--Tom Ferguson kallitypes on fabric...
> Dates March 8th to April 9th
> Reception Saturday March 13th 6/8pm
> You are all welcome
> Mark we have a parking place just for your van
> hehehehe
> Jan Pietrzak
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