Re: Obernetter (Ferrocupric, or cuprotype) process

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Date: 03/02/04-04:05:35 AM Z
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At 03:59 AM 3/2/2004, you wrote:

> > Does anyone have any experience (or references) on
> > Obernetter's Ferrocupric
> > (cuprotype) process?
>Did you get any information on this?


>I did not see any responses... but maybe you got an off
>list answer?

No, unfortunately, this is the only response!

>If not, I might be able to dig something up
>for you.

I would appreciate that.

>What is the time frame for findings something for
>(How long will you be interested in a response?)

A while, but sooner is certainly better than later. The quarter is over
and the grades are in - but I am still curious about it.

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