I bought a Devere (WAS: what LF enlarger to buy?? NOV 2003)

From: curzon@tegenlicht.com
Date: 03/02/04-04:53:22 AM Z
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Hi all,
I just wanted to let you know that I bought a 2nd hand enlarger this week:
a Devere 504 floorstanding model. I'm a very happy man!!
(And probably a new member of a dying race???)

It costed me about $750.00 and came with:
- Rodenstock lenses: 50, 85 en 150 mm (including lensboards)
- 4 condensors for these lenses
- varicon lightsource and pointlight source
- a repro module
- 2 Backlite reprolamps
- some other stuff.

And everything looks like new.
It's hugh and I suspect my great-grandchildren will still be able to use it
in time.

The only thing missing is a negative mask for 35 mm negs and the manual.

I wanted to thank everybody for his input on helping me choosing what to
look for.
Thanks again for the help.

Bert from Holland "have fun and catch that lightbeam"
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