RE: D-Max tips for Cot 320 with pt/pd?

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Date: 03/01/04-10:04:10 AM Z
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I forget to add that like Marek I expsoe the print quite humid so the POP
image protect the shadow from the Solarization. ANd I also use Lithium
palladium chloride instead of Sodium palladium salt, this give a little more
POP image as it keep more humidity.

My common Dmax is 1.4 and I can reach 1.6 by double coating but in this case
I add a little of Tween 20 (0.5%) to the second layer , if not I loose too
much palladium in my developper.
The difference is quite visible when wet but less visible when dry.

Another thing to get this when I use digital negative is to add some layer
of silk paper on my vacuum press glass, I do this to get a longer exposure
instead of the 160 second needed, I prefer a 300 seconds exposure.
best regards

Nzé Christian

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