Re: D-Max tips for Cot 320 with pt/pd?

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Date: 02/29/04-05:31:31 PM Z
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Twenn 20 could be used on Cot 320 but at really high dilution such like 1
drop of 1% or 0.5% for an 8x10, if used at 5 or 10 % the paper change to

I prefer to humidify the paper before coating.
The I coat the paper, and let it dry without warm or any air spread on it. I
store it 10 minutes , then dry it a ittle and expose. double coating may
help getting denser black but it also modify the curve of the sensitizer, I
truely prefer to make an heavier single coat , I don't find that acid oxalic
add any density or quality to this paper.
Cot 320 is a litlle like Arches platine and it is a really tough paper ( not
like Cranes or some vellum), when you coat it you can press a little more
the coating rod or your brush. you can brush for longer and cot rod till
there is no more line.
a little

best regards

Nzé Christian

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