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Date: 06/29/04-12:47:54 PM Z
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This is not mine and the last time I saw that it was still available was
Saturday, June 26.

An antique dealer near me has the following camera for sale. $995 which
he says is cast in stone.

Century Studio Camera #10A in 8X10 on an adjustable studio stand. Made
by Folmer Graflex with a 14 inch f4.5 Voightlander Heliar, Pat. No.
710635, and a Sliding Carriage


Seems to be made of mahogany or maybe cherry (not an area of my
expertise) and looks to me to be in very good condition. Ground glass is
there and not cracked. Bellows looks good but I did not search for
pinholes. Packard Shutter works but needs new tubing. The camera has
been modified with an electric connector on the shutter. I presume this
is to fire a later era electric flash.

All the hardware appears to be there and the whole thing looks very
original except for the electric thing.

I know people who could crate it and ship it but that would probably
cost at least a few hundred dollars and not include any warranties about
safe delivery. There are some interesting photo ops around here that
may help motivate a trip to have a look although the very best one is
off-limits due to security crackdowns from 9-11. Also a list member who
is a professional photographer lives around 45 miles from me who may
very well know many more places to see and photograph. There will be a
parade here of part of the world's largest collection of circus wagons
on July 3rd but the area will be one unbelievable giant gridlock that
entire weekend. We are expecting around 100,000 people in a town of
10,000 so plan for some other time if you value your sanity and don't
already have a hotel reservation.

Contact me off list if you are interested enough to come to the Baraboo,
Wisconsin area to look at it and maybe take it home. I'll see if it is
still there and if they will hang on to it until you get here.

E. Robkin


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