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Since Judy mentioned my name . . many, many years ago, my pal Bruce
Nauman, Mr. Clever, made some trays for me because we were making
rather large color prints. He obtained 1/4" Masonite™ and 1/2 x 2
molding, nailed it into the Masonite™ on edge. then painted the whole
affair with a rubberized compound. We used those coffee cup heaters to
maintain temperature. i\The whole thing was impervious to liquids,
lasted a long time, was rather heavy but worked. You can envision from
that you can make darned near any size you want.
There is a good rubberized paint @ places such as Home Depot used for
outdoor porch surfaces.

Also, an odd spot for sometimes large stainless trays that are cheap
are industrial kitchen supply stores.

Jack Fulton

On Jun 27, 2004, at 8:17 PM, Judy Seigel wrote:

I recall Jack Fulton saying he used suitcases from the thrift shop with
heavy plastic liners for trays... Also about 2 years ago someone put a
description of making his own large trays on the list... He measured
plexiglas to size, had it cut at the plastic store, then set the
together with-- I forget whether it was methylene chloride or some kind
epoxy. It would be in the archive, tho I don't know the subject line. I
also have a vague memory of putting that or something similar in
Post-Factory "Loose Info," is so probably #8 (tho on 2nd thought it may
have been cut for lack of space).

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