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In a class I took, we were printing between 3 and 4 foot images that we
had projected on paper hung on the wall. For the chemicals, we
constructed 4 x 4 foot plywood trays and lined these with large sheets
of plastic. This worked fine for us with a student on either side of the
tray to place, move and take out the prints. The plastic was stapled to
the outside so that no holes would be in the interior.

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Subject: making big trays...

Dear all,
i would like to make large trays to fit a full sheet
of paper (22x30").
when I was i grad school, the printmaking shop had
very large plastic trays that looked home-made. Any
sugestions? I need 4 or 5 trays to print my
kallitypes. Would it be cheaper to buy them? and,
where can i get them?
Thank you kindly,

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