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Date: 06/25/04-12:16:32 PM Z
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I think we are indeed talking about different things. I think one problem is
my assumption (or guess or hypothesis) is that Marion, Gallinksky, and
Foxlee are doing different things (although on some aspects they do look
similar), and I was trying to show the explanation on the different result.
Your assumption (or guess or hypothesis) is that they are the same or
closely related, and you were trying to show the similarity. For example,
concerning my discussion on Marion or Gallinkshy, you sometimes said "but
Chris didn't say that." But Chris didn't say *anything* about Marion or
Gallinsky! That means that somewhere back in your mind, they are related
whereas back in my mind, I think they are not.

Again, this is not accusing you on anything, it's just that we need to
realize that our assumptions might be different. I was entering *TWO*
discussions: one on Foxlee, and one on Marion/Gallinksky because I felt that
the mechanism were different (and I still think they are different. One has
the dichromate washed out, the other doesn't).

I don't think we need to stop here. I can explain more on my side, but I am
taking some classes and will have final projects on Monday and Tuesday.
After that I will write more (or maybe in between too. Sometimes we know we
need to work on finals and get bored and do something else). :-)

Have a great weekend!

PS: Concerning the "oily ink," note the proportion of gum and glycerin and
acid. They are not just a few drops of glycerin as used sometimes in
watercolor or just a few drops of acid to change the acidity. There is large
amount of glycerin and huge amount of acetic acid (though the concentration
is not given)!

Dave S

> This just reinforces my earlier
> suspicion that we're talking about completely different things that
> don't have any necessary logical connection to each other.
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